for adventure sports in Tajpur

If you are looking for adventure sports in Tajpur then your search ends here as we offer a whole bunch of adventure sports like Kayaking, para sailing, biking, water zorbing, rubber boat propelling, Snorkelling, sports climbing (Artificial Rockwall), Coastal Biking, Coastal Trekking etc. In West Bengal very few places offer beach sports, and we are trying to develop Tajpur as a major adventure spot mainly for corporates, students and those who have a knack for adventure sports and beach sports.

It is not only about the adventure sports in Tajpur, in fact this place is also perfect for those who want to spend their time in leisure. You can also enjoy the virgin beach populated with red crabs and the whispering casurina groves. Tajpur beach can also be enjoyed by just walking along the long beach or reading a book lying along the beach in the midst of the nature. The serenity you experience here will be enough to charge you up and return to your hectic city life.

The unmatched hospitality along with the taste of home cooked food away from home, the beach sports and tranquillity you experience with us is enough to bring you back to the beach in Tajpur.